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Oh What a Year!

Green Blue dress with tiled background

Not just with everything that happened this year but this is the year where I completely revamped my whole design aesthetic. I not only created outfits from scratch I created outfits from old designs and up-cycled outfits that I'd previously bought from shops. 

From Scratch

You can see from these designs that the whole silhouette changed. I wanted to create clothes that are more sophisticated. This is definitely the direction I see my future collections going. 

Being good for the environment is very important and I went though my wardrobe looking at pieces I had. I thought why don't I wear this and if the reason was that it didn't fit well then it went into my pile of things to edit. Not only did I just look at shop clothing I looked at previous clothing I had made. I still have a few things in my ‘to work on’ pile so you can expect more reworked clothes from me. 

Reworked & Up_cycled